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Author: Aldrin

… Wants to Bake Using Bread Flour

Just got a hold of Pillsbury Best Bread Flour, which I’d just used to make a half-batch of BreadIn5 stored dough … I’ve made the dough so many times without referring to the recipe book. Like the authors said, just follow the 6-3-3-13 rule, which makes a double portion of stored dough (enough for about 8 1-lb loaves. For half a portion (for about 2 single pound loaves), here’s what I’d mixed together: 1 lb (454g) Pillsbury Best Bread Flour 1 1/2 cups lukewarm water + additional about 1/6 cup water as the bread flour needs more water 1/2 tablespoon (7.5mL) salt 3/4 tablespoon (about 10mL) instant yeast Here’s what it looks like after letting it rise for 2 hours at room temperature (which is a balmy 86F (30C) where I live). Can’t wait to make a loaf out of this bread flour!...

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… Wants Fresh Home-Made Bread Everyday

So, as promised, here’s my journey making Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day … it all started after I’d discovered a cool site for tips & tricks meant to make my life easier: … but that’s a story for another day. Surfing from sometime near the end of March 2012, I read the Mother Earth News article about the great technique that promises less than 5 minutes to make a loaf of fresh home-made bread-y goodness. As I do so love fresh-baked bread, I’d immediately tried it using the common plain flour & yeast available at my local supemarket. My first attempt was delicious and smelled so good as it was baking … it was a bit flat (no nice tall dome), dense (I think the dough was too wet) and a bit too salty (salt was finer than what the recipe calls for). Having made bread the traditional way before (i.e., kneading, resting, punching down & proofing), I was truly amazed at how easy it was and how well it still turned out, especially since this was the first time I was trying out the new technique! I’d later discovered that the authors of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day have their own blog, from which (based on their Sicilian Style Pizza Crust post) I learnt I could use the leftover dough to make...

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… Likes The Avengers Movie

Happy belated May Day / Labor Day! Went to see the new movie, Marvel’s The Avengers … It was great fun! Liked the storyline and there were lots of action. Need a few more superheroes, though. For May Day breakfast, had wanted to bake some lovely ham and cheese buns for my wife & kid … Will post the results later. And yes, I know this 2nd post was supposed to be about my journey towards Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day … will post that later … promise!...

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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my first blog … yeah, I know, I’m a bit late to the game, but it’s never too late, eh? So, what’s my blog all about? Yes, it’ll mostly be about my wants and likes, more of which will be about one of my passions … food! Not only about eating good food, but also how to cook good food! To start off, let me tell you about a fantastic and easy way to eat home-baked fresh bread everyday … just follow the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day method! It was near the end of March 2012 that I discovered Jeff Hertberg’s and Zoë François’ method for “5 minutes a day bread” through Lifehacker, which linked me to Mother Earth News. This method creates lovely yeast breads. But instead of doing the kneading yourself, you let time do the kneading for you! And by making a lot of refrigerator-stored dough that will allow you to make many loafs of bread for up to 2 weeks, it will actually take less than 5 minutes of your active time per loaf (i.e. time you need to actually do something to make each loaf … passive time like waiting for the dough rise, rest or bake are not counted, as it is time that allows you to do other things). I was so excited by the idea that I’d...

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