An upfront disclaimer … this is not a real recipe to make something that can be eaten … it’s just for fun, eh? …

Ashley, my 10-year old daughter, loves to play at having a restaurant/café and she has this growing set of plastic ingredients such as eggs, tomatoes, carrots, fish, chicken (or it could be a small turkey) zucchini, onions, etc. She even has a set of plates, bowls & cutlery to serve up her make-believe culinary creations.

And today, she came up with a very interesting “dish” … it’s just a simple combination of several plastic ingredients on a plate, but it was what she’d named it as that I thought was pretty amazing and made me want to blog about it. I had even suggested making up a faux recipe to go with her creation, the Happy Face Meal


Happy Face Meal

Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Makes: 1 serving

2 bunches plastic bananas, special miniature ones
1 plastic egg
1 plastic tomato
2 plastic zucchinis
Pretend salt & pepper to taste

1. Hard-boil the egg using room temperature pretend-water. Slice the egg in half lengthwise and place it in the middle of the plate yolk-side down.

2. Add the tomato between and below the egg halves.

3. Place the whole zucchinis below the tomato, laying them into a V-shape like a smiling mouth.

4. Arrange each bunch of miniature bananas above each egg half to make it look like they are eyebrows to the egg half’s eyes that are above the tomato’s nose.

5. Season with pretend-salt and pretend-pepper to taste.

6. Serve immediately with a glass of pretend-milk and enjoy!

We’ll return to our search for how to make the Softest White Sandwich Bread in our next post. Till then …

Bye bye!
From Ashley