It’s the next day, so let us see how well my first try at making the Softest White Sandwich Bread is.

A slice of Trial #1 is on the left and a slice of store-bought bread is on the right in comparison …


Other than the store-bought slice being much whiter, it looks like the hole structure and thinness of the crust between the two are very similar. Texture wise, Trial #1 feels not as soft and is a bit “gummy” or sticky to the touch.

Here’re the same slices, this time with some margarine (100% non-hydrogenated, of course … trans fats are worse than saturated fats, health wise) spread on them …


The margarine spreads just as well on Trial #1 as on the store-bought one.

Here’re two more slices, toasted at the same time, in the same toaster till the store-bought one (on the right) is lightly browned …


You can see that it’ll take longer for Trial #1 to brown … letting it toast further (total toasting time about double that for the store-bought one) results in some charring along the crust and a bit of browning in the crumb …


And here’re the toasted slices, spread with some margarine, with the longer-toasted Trial #1 on the left …


As already expected, Trail #1 is not as soft as the store-bought one, and is a bit more fragile, the crumb wants to break when the slice is folded. The store-bought one is more malleable, holding up well even when folded in half.

Taste wise, Trial #1 needs to be sweeter to come closer to the sweetness of the store-bought slice.

So, what’s next? Increasing the amount of sugar for Trial #2 is obvious. And perhaps to try to make it softer by perhaps using more potato flour.

What do you think?